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This blend is ideal for espresso, milk-based drinks or Pour Over brew. It is reminiscent of Milk chocolate, Caramel, and Stone fruits finish.

There is not a word for "coffee" in the O-Gah-Pah language. "MaKoSha" translates to "Dark Water Medicine" To give you the best "medicine" this is a blend of two of our favorite coffee in house. 

ORIGINS: Costa Rica // Brazil

REGION: Tarrzu // Minas Gerais 

PROCESS: Honey // Natural

VARIETY: Mixed // Caturra

FLAVOR NOTES: Milk Chocolate - Caramel - Stone Fruits


Suggested Use: Espresso 

  • 18 grams fresh ground coffee 
  • 42.0 grams espresso out
  • 28 seconds total brew time