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This blend is ideal for espresso and milk-based drinks or filter, Pour Over brew. It is reminiscent of chocolate, toasted Almonds, and Berries finish.

There is not a word for "coffee" in the O-Gah-Pah language. "MaKoSha" translates to "Dark Water Medicine" To give you the best "medicine" this is a blend of two direct trade relationships. We are honored to work with Loma La Gloria of El Salvador and DonEli of Costa Rica partnerships we hope to keep for years to come. 

ORIGINS: El Salvador // Costa Rica

REGION: Las Urracas, Quezaltepeque // Tarrazu

PROCESS: Red Honey

VARIETY: Red Bourbon // Caturra

FLAVOR NOTES: Milk Chocolate - Caramel - Stone Fruits


Suggested Use: Espresso 

  • 19.0 grams fresh ground coffee 
  • 40.0 grams espresso out
  • 26 seconds total brew time