Tribal Soul Blend
Tribal Soul Blend
Tribal Soul Blend

Tribal Soul Blend

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Our signature blend consists of three coffee’s from the best regions of the world, roasted medium dark to highlight the best aromas and sweetness of the beans. You can expect a smooth, consistent body reminiscent of Fall season honey followed by a hazelnut and molasses sweetness. 

ORIGINS: Guatemala // Ethiopia // Papua New Guinea

REGION: Huehuetenango // Yirgacheffe // Kimel Plantation


VARIETY: Multiple small farm holders // Indigenous Heirlooms // Typica, Caturra, Pache

CUP PROFILE: Hazelnut // Maple // Molasses


Suggested Use: Filter & Pour Over

  • 16:1 ratio for pour over/filter brew
  • 25 grams medium course fresh ground coffee
  • 400 grams water // 200° - 205° F 
  • 3:00 - min total brew time