Sni-Wa-Te Da-Ta

Sni-Wa-Te Da-Ta

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Sni-Wa-Te Da-ta translates as "to drink the coldness of winter"
Enjoy our limited release of a Rwanda favorite.

ORIGIN: Rwanda

FARM: Dukunde Coop


PROCESS: Fully Washed

VARIETY:  Bourbon

FLAVOR NOTES: Brown Sugar and Orange Blossom

Suggested Use: Espresso

  • 18.5 Grams Fresh ground Coffee IN
  • 38. Grams Espresso OUT
  • 25 Seconds Total brew time

Suggested Use: Filter & Pour Over(1Cup)

  • 15:1 ratio for pour over/filter brew
  • 20 grams medium course fresh ground coffee
  • 300 grams hot water // Temp. - 200° F 
  • 3:00 min total brew time