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Eagle-El Salvador

Eagle-El Salvador

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 This is our second year working with coffee from El Salvador. Anny Ruth has managed her family estate in El Boqueron on the Quezaltepec Volcano. She cultivates traditional varieties like Pacamara and Bourbon and relies on shade trees to protect ecology of the estate. Because access to water is so limited, all of the coffee is processed as honey or natural and then expertly dried on clay patios.

Honey Process: Honey coffee is depulped to remove the skin of the cherry, and the coffee seed is allowed to dry with some or all of its sticky fruit mucilage intact. This process retains some of the desirable characteristics of a full Natural coffee (heavy body, sweet fruitiness with lower acidity, deep chocolate notes) while also speeding the drying process considerably, and reducing some of the risks of spoilage, mold, and other defects that can occur with fully intact coffee cherry on the drying patios or tables.


PRODUCER: Anny Ruth Pimentel

ORIGIN: El Salvador

FARM: Loma La Gloria

REGION: Las Urracas, Quezaltepeque, La Libertad

PROCESS: Red Honey

VARIETY:  Red Bourbon 100%

FLAVOR NOTES: Milk Chocolate- Caramel-Berry

Suggested Use: Espresso

  • 18.5 Grams Fresh ground Coffee IN
  • 38. Grams Espresso OUT
  • 25 Seconds Total brew time

Suggested Use: Filter & Pour Over(1Cup)

  • 15:1 ratio for pour over/filter brew
  • 20 grams medium course fresh ground coffee
  • 300 grams hot water // Temp. - 200° F 
  • 3:00 min total brew time