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Honduras La Aguja
Honduras La Aguja
Honduras La Aguja

Honduras La Aguja

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Santa Barbara is region of Honduras where Pedro Sagastume has his farm La Aguja located in the village of Peña Blanca. We have been buying his coffee for 3 consecutive years and we are proud to share this amazing coffee as a Single Origin with you. 

This is a 100% Pacas variety Washed Process coffee known for the dwarf tree that generates high yield and produces high-quality coffee that tastes fruity. This cup has a delicate body with apricot, fresh peaches sweetness, and brown spices aromas. 


COUNTRY: Honduras

FARM: La Aguja


VARIETY: 100% Pacas Lot 71

FLAVOR NOTES: Apricot // Brown Spice // Delicate


Suggested Use: Filter // V60 // Kalita (Grind might Vary)

1:16 Ratio

  • 25 Grams Fresh ground Coffee In
  • 400 Grams of Hot Water 
  • 200° Water
  • 3:00 minutes Total brew time