Costa Rica - El Mango
Costa Rica - El Mango
Costa Rica - El Mango

Costa Rica - El Mango

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El Mango- Is the name of our first release of a Costa Rican coffee. Comes from the San Marcos-Tarrazu region. This particular lot is surrounded by many others coffee fields; it appears that the unique micro climate in El Mango helps make this coffee stand out. 

Washed Process- This process was mechanically de-pulped and demucilaged in a penagos Eco-pulper removing as much mucilage as the machine allows. The parchment is taken to the raised beds immediately after the coffee is processed in the wet mill.

Back in February we visit our friends from Selva coffee in Costa Rica to lead us in our first ever coffee field trip. Many thanks to Perry Czopp and Marianela Czopp for hosting and make this trip unforgettable. 

PRODUCER: Daniela Guitierrez

ORIGIN: Costa Rica

FARM: El Mango

REGION:  San Marcos de Tarrazu


VARIETY:  Caturra

FLAVOR NOTES: Tropical Fruits - Toasted Almonds - Citrus

Suggested Use: Espresso

  • 18.5 Grams Fresh ground Coffee IN
  • 38. Grams Espresso OUT
  • 25 Seconds Total brew time

Suggested Use: Filter & Pour Over(1Cup)

  • 15:1 ratio for pour over/filter brew
  • 20 grams medium course fresh ground coffee
  • 300 grams hot water // Temp. - 200° F 
  • 3:00 min total brew time